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Cyndi Croft

January 18, 2019

Arthur's is a wonderful jewelry store - one of the few locally owned jewelers left in our area. I have been a customer for many years, and they sell quality jewelry and provide personalized service. I recently lost a beautiful ring that was a gift from my husband purchased at Arthur's around 2006. I looked many places for something to replace it with no luck. I contacted Jim, the store owner, and he was able to locate purchase record. He contacted the jewelry manufacturer in CA, a company with which he has a long term relationship, and they were able to make a duplicate of my ring. This is precisely why I choose to deal with a local jeweler that sells quality pieces. I highly recommend Arthur's to anyone who wants to buy from a jeweler they can trust.

Tom Bryant

February 28, 2019

All the staff at Arthur’s has an incredible way of presenting world class service and products in a hometown manner! It’s a pleasure to shop and a joy to have a “Tiffany’s in Mayberry”. Thanks for your excellent, friendly service. Another purchase today, and everything is still the same — excellent from start to finish!

Bryan Schley

December 11, 2018

Jim helped us pick out the perfect watch. What I love most about Arthur's Jewelry is there experience. Both the employees knowledge and our shopping experience. There you go Jim, your new tag line. Arthur's Jewelry, come for the experience, leave with the satisfaction!

v prater

May 4, 2019

Had some jewelry repaired,they do and done great work I will not go anywhere else.The employees there are very friendly and helpful..

Carol Breitinger

December 22, 2018

Knowledgeable, helpful staff that always treats you like a friend. Top quality jewelry and gift items at reasonable prices. I always find what I want and the help I need from people who go above and beyond normal customer service. Thank you!